Family Owned and Operated

Those of you who read our posts regularly know that we are a small, family owned and operated business in the North Valley of California. We pride ourselves on giving people straight, honest answers to their questions – and there’s no question that makes people cringe more than asking, “what does a new HVAC installation cost?”  Oddly enough, most contractors keep their air conditioning installation cost a closely guarded secret, as if the knowledge of how much it should cost will in some way change your decision when you have to make a call. I will tell you, that the fair price of an HVAC installation will vary greatly based on the type of heating and air conditioning system installed, as well as the options needed or desired (Ductwork included?  Zoning system?).Tip: Don’t buy a new heating and air conditioning system until you troubleshoot first!  You’d be surprised how often we get called out to peoples’ houses for a second opinion after they were told by some contractor that they needed a new HVAC system, and they didn’t.  Always troubleshoot first.