American Standard

The Benefits of American Standard HVAC Products

If you’re considering adding a new heat pump or central air conditioning system to your home this season, you may be understandably confused about all of the different types of products on the market and all of the different manufacturers who offer them. There are so many different options to choose from. One line that never disappoints is American Standard.

About American Standard HVAC

American Standard manufactures both heating and cooling systems for the home.

Their line of heating systems includes more than a dozen oil and natural gas furnaces, including both standard and high efficiency models. They also produce nine different heat pump models.

American Standard’s line of air conditioning products includes eight different whole-house air conditioning systems, with SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings that go up to 21—ensuring maximum comfort and reduced energy consumption. There’s a model for every size house and most every budget!

Why Choose American Standard HVAC?

American Standard has been manufacturing quality heating and cooling systems since the late 1880s. These products have proven reliable, with a long and stellar company history behind them. In fact, American Standard HVAC products are consistently ranked among the most dependable products on the market by HVAC professionals and consumer magazines alike.

Ingersoll Rand, American Standard’s parent company, is very committed to minimizing the company’s energy footprint, both in creating HVAC products that use energy efficiently and by reducing the greenhouse gases generated and energy used in creating these products. Not only are American Standard HVAC products environmentally friendly, but they’ll help to reduce your energy bills as well.

American Standard HVAC products come with some of the best warranties in the business. And, of course, there’s comfort. When you choose an American Standard furnaceheat pump, or air conditioning system for your home, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family will stay comfortable all year round.

Sandler Heating and Air Conditioning offers a complete line of American Standard HVAC products, from forced air natural gas furnaces to energy-efficient cooling systems. To learn more about the benefits of American Standard HVAC products or installing a new system in your home, contact us. We’ve been selling and installing quality American Standard products all over Northern California.

Our expert staff can recommend the best type of American Standard heating and cooling systems for your budget and lifestyle and get it installed before you know it.